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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Damage detection in composite skin stiffener with hybrid PZT-FO SHM systemLambinet, F; Sharif Khodaei, Z; Clean Sky Joint Undertaking
1-Jan-2017Smart patch repair with low profile PVDF sensorsLambinet, F; Khodaei, ZS; Clean Sky Joint Undertaking
22-May-2017Impact Damage Localisation with Piezoelectric Sensors under Operational and Environmental ConditionsSalmanpour, MS; Khodaei, ZS; Aliabadi, MHF; Department Of Trade & Industry (DTI); Commission of the European Communities, et al
23-Mar-2019Micromechanical modeling of cohesive thermoelastic steady‚Äźstate and transient cracking in polycrystalline materialsGeraci, G; Aliabadi, MH; Clean Sky Joint Undertaking
28-Aug-2018An event-triggered energy-efficient wireless structural health monitoring system for impact detection in composite airframesFu, H; Sharif Khodaei, Z; Aliabadi, MH; Clean Sky Joint Undertaking
1-Mar-2019Quality assessment and damage detection in nanomodified adhesively-bonded composite joints using inkjet-printed interdigital sensorsBekas, DG; Sharif-Khodaei, Z; Baltzis, D; Aliabadi, MHF; Paipetis, AS, et al
1-Sep-2017Damage detectability model of pitch-catch configuration in composite platesYue, N; Khodaei, ZS; Aliabadi, MH; Clean Sky Joint Undertaking
29-Jun-2018An innovative diagnostic film for structural health monitoring of metallic and composite structuresBekas, D; Sharif Khodaei, Z; Aliabadi, MHF; Clean Sky Joint Undertaking
29-Sep-2019Mechanical and physical performance of carbon aerogel reinforced carbon fibre hierarchical compositesNguyen, S; Anthony, DB; Qian, H; Yue, C; Singh, A, et al