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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2015An analytical model of the dynamic response of circular composite plates to high-velocity impactSchiffer, A; Cantwell, WJ; Tagarielli, VL
1-Dec-2018Enhancing the fracture resistance and impact toughness of mechanically frothed epoxy foams with hollow elastomeric microspheresSong, W; Tagarielli, VL; Lee, KY
1-Aug-2018Measurements of the effects of pure and salt water absorption on the rate-dependent response of an epoxy matrixQuino, G; Pellegrino, A; Tagarielli, VL; Petrinic, N; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
1-Jun-2019Predictions of the electrical conductivity of composites of polymers and carbon nanotubes by an artificial neural networkMatos, MAS; Pinho, ST; Tagarielli, VL; Commission of the European Communities
23-Jul-2015Predictions of the interlaminar tensile failure of a carbon/epoxy composite laminateSchiffer, A; Tagarielli, VL
14-Aug-2012Compressive deformation of Rohacell foams: effects of strain rate and temperatureArezoo, S; Tagarielli, VL; Siviour, CR; Petrinic, N
14-Nov-2014The response of circular composite plates to underwater blast: Experiments and modellingSchiffer, A; Tagarielli, VL
6-Sep-2014The mechanical response of a syntactic polyurethane foam at low and high rates of strainPellegrino, A; Tagarielli, VL; Gerlach, R; Petrinic, N
3-Sep-2013The one-dimensional response of a water-filled double hull to underwater blast: Experiments and simulationsSchiffer, A; Tagarielli, VL
18-Apr-2014One-dimensional response of sandwich plates to underwater blast: Fluid-structure interaction experiments and simulationsSchiffer, A; Tagarielli, VL