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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2010Self-actuated snap back of viscoelastic pulsing structuresSanter, M
1-Dec-2008Compliant multistable structural elementsSanter, M; Pellegrino, S
1-Mar-2009Topological Optimization of Compliant Adaptive Wing StructureSanter, M; Pellegrino, S
5-Jan-2015The use of actuated flexible plates for adaptive shock control bumpsJinks, E; Bruce, P; Santer, M
1-May-2012Pseudo-bistable self-actuated domes for morphing applicationsBrinkmeyer, A; Santer, M; Pirrera, A; Weaver, PM
1-Jun-2015Highly multistable composite surfacesCui, Y; Santer, M
13-Jan-2014Open-loop flow control at low Reynolds numbers using periodic airfoil morphingJones, G; Debiasi, M; Bouremel, Y; Santer, M; Papadakis, G
13-Jan-2014Adaptive shock control bumpsJinks, E; Bruce, P; Santer, M
1-Jun-2018Optimisation of adaptive shock control bumps with structural constraintsJinks, E; Bruce, P; Santer, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
1-Aug-2018Experimental FSI study of adaptive shock control bumpsGramola, M; Bruce, P; Santer, M