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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-2010Mechanical analysis and toughening mechanisms of a multiphase recycled CFRPPimenta, S; Pinho, ST; Robinson, P; Wong, KH; Pickering, SJ
1-Jan-2006Formulation and implementation of decohesion elements in an explicit finite element codePinho, ST; Iannucci, L; Robinson, P
1-Jan-2006Prediction of in situ strengths and matrix cracking in composites under transverse tension and in-plane shearCamanho, PP; Davila, CG; Pinho, ST; Iannucci, L; Robinson, P
1-Jan-2006Physically-based failure models and criteria for laminated fibre-reinforced composites with emphasis on fibre kinking: Part I: DevelopmentPinho, ST; Iannucci, L; Robinson, P
Oct-2006Fracture toughness of the tensile and compressive fibre failure modes in laminated compositesPinho, ST; Robinson, P; Iannucci, L
13-Apr-2012Modelling of strain rate effects on matrix dominated elastic and failure properties of unidirectional fibre-reinforced polymer-matrix compositesRaimondo, L; Iannucci, L; Robinson, P; Curtis, PT
1-Jun-2009Developing a four point bend specimen to measure the mode I intralaminar fracture toughness of unidirectional laminated compositesPinho, ST; Robinson, P; Iannucci, L
28-Apr-2012On longitudinal compressive failure of carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer: from unidirectional to woven, and from virgin to recycledPinho, ST; Gutkin, R; Pimenta, S; De Carvalho, NV; Robinson, P
30-May-2016Thickness-dependence of the translaminar fracture toughness: experimental study using thin-ply compositesTeixeira, R; Pinho, ST; Robinson, P; Airbus
1-Jun-2009A micromechanical model for kink-band formation: Part II-Analytical modellingPimenta, S; Gutkin, R; Pinho, ST; Robinson, P