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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Apr-2011Nonlinear Normal Modes in an Intrinsic Theory of Anisotropic BeamsPalacios, R
1-Dec-2011Stability and Open-Loop Dynamics of Very Flexible Aircraft Including Free-Wake EffectsMurua, J; Hesse, H; Palacios, R; Graham, JMR
1-Dec-2011An Intrinsic Description of the Nonlinear Aeroelasticity of Very Flexible WingsPalacios, R; Epureanu, BI
1-Dec-2009Structural Models for Flight Dynamic Analysis of Very Flexible AircraftPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES
31-Dec-2011Leading and trailing edge effects on the aerodynamic performance of compliant aerofoilsArbos-Torrent, S; Pang, ZY; Ganapathisubramani, B; Palacios, R
6-Aug-2007A Ritz Approximation to the Deformation of Anisotropic Slender Structures with Finite-Size Cross SectionsPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES
31-Dec-2008Low-Speed Aeroelastic Modeling of Very Flexible Slender Wings with Deformable AirfoilsPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES
1-Jan-2017Optimal rolling manoeuvres with very flexible wingsMaraniello, S; Palacios, R; European Office Of Aerospace Research & Developmen
14-Oct-2013An energy-preserving description of nonlinear beam vibrations in modal coordinatesWynn, A; Wang, Y; Palacios, R; Goulart, PJ
1-Sep-2014Re-examined Structural Design Procedures for Very Flexible AircraftPalacios, R; Cesnik, CES; Reichenbach, EY