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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jul-2016Indentation response of piezoelectric films under frictional contactRodriguez-Tembleque, L; Saez, A; Aliabadi, MH
13-May-20163D coupled multifield magneto-electro-elastic contact modellingRodriguez-Tembleque, L; Buroni, FC; Saez, A; Aliabadi, MH
1-Jun-2012A BEM sensitivity formulation for three-dimensional active noise controlBrancati, A; Aliabadi, MH; Mallardo, V
30-Mar-2012Dual boundary method for assembled plate structures undergoing large deflectionDi Pisa, C; Aliabadi, MH; Young, A
24-Oct-2011Meshfree modeling and homogenization of 3D orthogonal woven compositesLi, LY; Wen, PH; Aliabadi, MH
14-Nov-2017Spectral BEM for the Analysis of Wave Propagation and Fracture MechanicsLi, J; Khodaei, ZS; Aliabadi, MH
1-Jul-2015Boundary element analysis of stiffened panels with repair patchesDi Pisa, C; Aliabadi, MH
23-Feb-2015Multiscale modeling of polycrystalline materials: A boundary element approach to material degradation and fractureBenedetti, I; Aliabadi, MH; Commission of the European Communities
18-Nov-2016Instantaneous baseline damage localisation using sensor mappingSalmanpour, MS; Sharif Khodaei; Aliabadi, MH
20-Jun-2016Guided wave temperature correction methods in structural health monitoringSalmanpour, MS; Sharif khodaei; Aliabadi, MH