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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2008Micromechanics of kink-band formationPimenta, S
1-Jul-2007Eulerian-Lagrangian aspects of a steady multiscale laminar flowRossi, L; Vassilicos, JC; Hardalupas, Y
20-Jan-2002A moving frame of reference algorithm for fluid/structure interaction of rotating and translating bodiesLi, L; Sherwin, SJ; Bearman, PW
1-Oct-2007Parametric uncertainty analysis of pulse wave propagation in a model of a human arterial networkXiu, DB; Sherwin, SJ
25-May-2009Large-eddy simulation of separated flow over a three-dimensional axisymmetric hillGarcia-Villalba, M; Li, N; Rodi, W; Leschziner, MA
29-Jan-2006On 2D elliptic discontinuous Galerkin methodsSherwin, SJ; Kirby, RM; Peiro, J; Taylor, RL; Zienkiewicz, OC
1-Jan-2007Master-mode set for 3D turbulent channel flowChernyshenko, SI; Bondarenko, ME; Palma, JMLM; Lopes, AS
1-Dec-2008Compliant multistable structural elementsSanter, M; Pellegrino, S
6-Oct-2006Multiscale laminar flows with turbulentlike properties.Rossi, L; Vassilicos, JC; Hardalupas, Y
25-Jun-2005Three-dimensional instabilities and transition of steady and pulsatile axisymmetric stenotic flowsSherwin, SJ; Blackburn, HM