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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-2015The streamwise turbulence intensity in the intermediate layer of turbulent pipe flowVassilicos, JC; Laval, J-P; Foucaut, J-M; Stanislas, M
13-Aug-2015A study of the pressure profiles near the first pumping aperture in a high pressure photoelectron spectrometerKahk, JM; Villar-Garcia, IJ; Grechy, L; Bruce, PJK; Vincent, PE, et al
21-Feb-2015Experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of dry microbraids and microbraid reinforced polymer compositesDel Rosso, S; Iannucci, L; Curtis, PT
15-Mar-2017Invariants of the velocity gradient tensor in a spatially developing inhomogeneous turbulent flowBuxton, O; Breda, M; Chen, X
31-Jul-2015Model-based aeroelastic analysis and blade load alleviation of offshore wind turbinesNg, BF; Palacios, R; Graham, JMR
23-Jun-2015Nonlinear optimal suppression of vortex shedding from a circular cylinderMao, X; Blackburn, HM; Sherwin, SJ
17-Mar-2016Buffet loading, dynamic response and aerodynamic control of a suspension bridge in a turbulent windZhao, X; Gouder, K; Graham, JMR; Limebeer, DJN
10-Jan-2015Compressive failure of hybrid multidirectional fibre-reinforced compositesTsampas, SA; Greenhalgh, ES; Ankersen, J; Curtis, PT
13-May-20163D coupled multifield magneto-electro-elastic contact modellingRodriguez-Tembleque, L; Buroni, FC; Saez, A; Aliabadi, MH
10-Nov-2015On the Ballistic Impact Response of Microbraid Reinforced Polymer CompositesDel Rosso, S; Iannucci, L; Curtis, P