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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2017Stress redistribution around clusters of broken fibres in a compositeSt-Pierre, L; Martorell, NJ; Pinho, ST; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
1-May-2013Homogenization of slender periodic composite structuresDizy, J; Palacios, R; Pinho, ST
1-Nov-2011A finite fracture mechanics formulation to predict fibre kinking and splitting in CFRP under combined longitudinal compression and in-plane shearGutkin, R; Pinho, ST; Robinson, P; Curtis, PT
31-May-2011Constitutive modelling of fibre-reinforced composites with unidirectional plies using a plasticity-based approachVyas, GM; Pinho, ST; Robinson, P
1-Jan-2012Computational implementation of a novel constitutive model for multidirectional compositesVyas, GM; Pinho, ST
8-May-2014Homogenisation of Slender Periodic Composite StructuresDizy, J; Palacios, R; Pinho, ST
10-Dec-2014The relationship between mixed-mode II/III delamination and delamination migration in composite laminatesCanturri, C; Greenhalgh, ES; Pinho, ST
1-Nov-2005Residual stress field and reduction of stress intensity factors in cold-worked holesPinho, ST; Martins, HB; Camanho, PP; Santare, MH; de Castro, PMST
1-Mar-2015Multiple length/time-scale simulation of localized damage in composite structures using a Mesh Superposition TechniqueGigliotti, L; Pinho, ST
1-Oct-2014Exploring the potential of interleaving to delay catastrophic failure in unidirectional compositesGrail, G; Pimenta, S; Pinho, ST; Robinson, P