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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Feb-2015Experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of dry microbraids and microbraid reinforced polymer compositesDel Rosso, S; Iannucci, L; Curtis, PT
8-Sep-2015Evolution of damage during the fatigue of 3D woven glass-fibre reinforced composites subjected to tension-tension loading observed by time-lapse X-ray tomographyYu, B; Blanc, R; Soutis, C; Withers, PJ
20-Aug-2016Ductile unidirectional continuous rayon fibre-reinforced hierarchical compositesShamsuddin, SR; Lee, KY; Bismarck, A
30-May-2016Thickness-dependence of the translaminar fracture toughness: experimental study using thin-ply compositesTeixeira, R; Pinho, ST; Robinson, P
25-Apr-2016Unidirectional carbon fibre reinforced polyamide-12 composites with enhanced strain to tensile failure by introducing fibre wavinessDiao, H; Robinson, P; Wisnom, MR; Bismarck, A
10-Nov-2015On the Ballistic Impact Response of Microbraid Reinforced Polymer CompositesDel Rosso, S; Iannucci, L; Curtis, P
7-Sep-2014Combining damage and friction to model compressive damage growth in fibre-reinforced compositesGutkin, R; Pinho, ST
23-Oct-2015Prediction of the post-crushing compressive response of progressively crushable sandwich foam coresGigliotti, L; Pinho, ST
6-Jan-2016Translaminar fracture toughness of NCF composites with multiaxial blanketsGigliotti, L; Pinho, ST
18-Apr-2015Microwave curing of carbon-epoxy composites: Penetration depth and material characterisationKwak, M; Robinson, P; Bismarck, A; Wise, R