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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Jun-2015The streamwise turbulence intensity in the intermediate layer of turbulent pipe flowVassilicos, JC; Laval, J-P; Foucaut, J-M; Stanislas, M
10-Aug-2016Stochastic modelling and feedback control of bistability in a turbulent bluff body wakeBrackston, RD; Garcia de la Cruz Lopez, JM; Wynn, A; Rigas, G; Morrison, JF
27-Apr-2017Destabilisation and modification of Tollmien-Schlichting disturbances by a three dimensional surface indentationXu, H; Mughal, SM; Gowree, E; Atkin, CJ; Sherwin, S
15-Mar-2017Invariants of the velocity gradient tensor in a spatially developing inhomogeneous turbulent flowBuxton, O; Breda, M; Chen, X
25-Jan-2017Experimental measurement of wall shear stress in strongly disrupted flowsRodríguez-López, E; Bruce, PJK; Buxton, ORH
11-Jan-2016The inertial subrange in turbulent pipe flow: centrelineMorrison, JF; Vallikivi, M; Smits, AJ
23-Sep-2016Extremum seeking to control the amplitude and frequency of a pulsed jet for bluff body drag reductionBrackston, RD; Wynn, A; Morrison, JF
17-Mar-2016Buffet loading, dynamic response and aerodynamic control of a suspension bridge in a turbulent windZhao, X; Gouder, K; Graham, JMR; Limebeer, DJN
3-Jun-2016On a PLIF quantification methodology in a nonlinear dye response regimeBaj, P; Bruce, PJK; Buxton, ORH
3-Mar-2016The behaviour of Tollmien-Schlichting waves undergoing small-scale localised distortionsXu, H; Sherwin, S; Hall, P; Wu, X