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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2015A study of the pressure profiles near the first pumping aperture in a high pressure photoelectron spectrometerKahk, JM; Villar-Garcia, IJ; Grechy, L; Bruce, PJK; Vincent, PE, et al
4-Jan-2016Experimental investigation of the wake of a lifting wing with cut-in sinusoidal trailing edgesBuxton, O; Prigent, SL; Bruce, PJK
3-Mar-2016Downstream evolution of perturbations in a zero pressure gradient turbulent boundary layerBruce, PJK; Buxton, ORH; Rodriguez-Lopez, E
1-Sep-2012Experimental study into the flow physics of three-dimensional shock control bumpsBruce, PJK; Babinsky, H
25-May-2008Unsteady shock wave dynamicsBruce, PJK; Babinsky, H
1-Jul-2011Corner effect and separation in transonic channel flowsBruce, PJK; Burton, DMF; Titchener, NA; Babinsky, H
1-Aug-2011Experimental and numerical study of oscillating transonic shock waves in ductsBruce, PJK; Babinsky, H; Tartinville, B; Hirsch, C
3-Jun-2016On a PLIF quantification methodology in a nonlinear dye response regimeBaj, P; Bruce, PJK; Buxton, ORH
1-Sep-2015Review of research into shock control bumpsBruce, PJK; Colliss, SP
31-Jul-2017Coherent structures shed by multiscale cut-in trailing edge serrations on lifting wingsPrigent, SL; Buxton, ORH; Bruce, PJK