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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Nov-2015Power Loss Mechanisms in Pathological TracheasBates, A; Comerford, A; Cetto, R; Schroter, R; Tolley, N, et al
9-Jun-2015The streamwise turbulence intensity in the intermediate layer of turbulent pipe flowVassilicos, JC; Laval, J-P; Foucaut, J-M; Stanislas, M
29-Dec-2015Robust stability of moving horizon estimation under bounded disturbancesJi, L; Rawlings, JB; Hu, W; Wynn, A; Diehl, M
19-Jan-2017On-demand Aerodynamics in Integrally Actuated Membranes with Feedback ControlBuoso, S; Palacios, R
25-Aug-2015Automated fiducial point selection for reducing registration error in the co-localisation of left atrium electroanatomic and imaging data.Ali, RL; Cantwell, CD; Qureshi, NA; Roney, CH; Phang Boon Lim, et al
13-Aug-2015A study of the pressure profiles near the first pumping aperture in a high pressure photoelectron spectrometerKahk, JM; Villar-Garcia, IJ; Grechy, L; Bruce, PJK; Vincent, PE, et al
4-Jan-2016Experimental investigation of the wake of a lifting wing with cut-in sinusoidal trailing edgesBuxton, O; Prigent, SL; Bruce, PJK
21-Feb-2015Experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of dry microbraids and microbraid reinforced polymer compositesDel Rosso, S; Iannucci, L; Curtis, PT
28-Jun-2016Evaluation of Pseudo-Haptic Interactions with Soft Objects in Virtual Environments.Li, M; Sareh, S; Xu, G; Ridzuan, MB; Luo, S, et al
1-Aug-2016Towards a systematic solution for differential games with limited communicationMylvaganam, T; Astolfi, A