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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jan-2018Bounds for Rayleigh-Bénard convection between free-slip boundaries with an imposed heat fluxFantuzzi, G
20-Feb-2017Numerical dissipation vs. subgrid-scale modelling for large eddy simulationDairay, T; Lamballais, E; Laizet, S; Vassilicos, C
21-Feb-2017Heat transfer in production and decay regions of grid-generated turbulenceMelina, G; Bruce, P; Hewitt, G; Vassilicos, JC
12-May-2017Transition induced by linear and nonlinear perturbation growth in flow past a compressor bladeMao, X; Zaki, TA; Sherwin, SJ; Blackburn, HM
25-May-2017Related self-similar statistics of the turbulent/non-turbulent interface and the turbulence dissipationZhou, Y; Vassilicos, JC
1-Jun-2017Exact energy stability of Bénard–Marangoni convection at infinite Prandtl numberFantuzzi, G; Wynn, A
24-Feb-2018Predictions of the electro-mechanical response of conductive CNT-polymer compositesTagarielli, V; Albuquerque, M; Pinho, S; Baiz-villafranca, P
10-Aug-2017Direct numerical simulations of the flow around wings with spanwise wavinessSerson, D; Meneghini, JR; Sherwin, SJ
20-Mar-2018Heat transfer from a flat plate in inhomogeneous regions of grid-generated turbulenceMelina, G; Bruce, PJK; Nedić, J; Tavoularis, S; Vassilicos, C
1-Aug-2018Accelerating high-order mesh optimisation with an architecture-independent programming modelEichstaedt, JR; Green, M; Turner, M; Peiro, J; Moxey, D