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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2016Quasiclassical analysis of Bloch oscillations in non-Hermitian tight-binding latticesGraefe, EM; Korsch, HJ; Rush, A
1-Nov-2016Self-organized Hydrodynamics with density-dependent velocityDegond, PAA; Henkes, S; Yu, H
7-Aug-2015Multi-layer quasi-geostrophic ocean dynamics in Eddy-resolving regimesShevchenko, IV; Berloff, PS
28-Oct-2015Modelling DNA origami self-assembly at the domain levelDannenberg, F; Dunn, KE; Bath, J; Kwiatkowska, M; Turberfield, AJ, et al
1-Dec-2015Force-Induced Rupture of a DNA Duplex: From Fundamentals to Force SensorsMosayebi, M; Louis, AA; Doye, JPK; Ouldridge, TE
19-Jan-2016An improved version of the Hughes model for pedestrian flowCarrillo de la Plata, J; Martin, STEPHAN
11-Jun-2015On certain singular integral equations arising in the analysis of wellbore recharge in anisotropic formationsAtkinson, C; Sarris, E; Gravanis, E; Papanastasiou, P
11-May-2015A parameter-free perfectly matched layer formulation for the finite-element-based solution of the Helmholtz equationCimpeanu, R; Martinsson, A; Heil, M
26-May-201525 Years of self-organized criticality: numerical detection methodsMcAteer, RTJ; Aschwanden, MJ; Dimitropoulou, M; Georgoulis, MK; Pruessner, G, et al
15-Jul-201425 Years of Self-Organized Criticality: Solar and AstrophysicsAschwanden, MJ; Crosby, NB; Dimitropoulou, M; Georgoulis, MK; Hergarten, S, et al