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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Jun-2017A review on automatic fetal and neonatal brain MRI segmentationMakropoulos, A; Counsell, SJ; Rueckert, D; Commission of the European Communities
17-Apr-2017Reverse classification accuracy: predicting segmentation performance in the absence of ground truthValindria, V; Lavdas, I; Bai, W; Kamnitsas, K; Aboagye, E, et al
9-Aug-2017Learning and combining image neighborhoods using random forests for neonatal brain disease classificationZimmer, VA; Glocker, B; Hahner, N; Eixarch, E; Sanroma, G, et al
11-Jul-2017SonoNet: real-time detection and localisation of fetal standard scan planes in freehand ultrasoundBaumgartner, C; Kamnitsas, K; Matthew, J; Fletcher, TP; Smith, S, et al
13-Oct-2017A Deep Cascade of Convolutional Neural Networks for Dynamic MR Image ReconstructionSchlemper, J; Caballero, J; Hajnal, J; Price, A; Rueckert, D, et al
18-Apr-2017A deformable model for the reconstruction of the neonatal cortexSchuh, A; Makropoulos, A; Wright, R; Robinson, EC; Tusor, N, et al
1-May-2017Machine learning of three-dimensional right ventricular motion enables outcome prediction in pulmonary hypertension: a cardiac MR imaging studyDawes, T; Simoes monteiro de marvao, A; Shi, W; Fletcher, T; Watson, G, et al
13-Apr-2017Human brain mapping: a systematic comparison of parcellation methods for the human cerebral cortexArslan, S; Ktena, SI; Makropoulos, A; Robinson, EC; Rueckert, D, et al
23-Dec-2017Metric learning with spectral graph convolutions on brain connectivity networks.Ktena, SI; Parisot, S; Ferrante, E; Rajchl, M; Lee, M, et al
20-Dec-2017White matter hyperintensity and stroke lesion segmentation and differentiation using convolutional neural networksGuerrero, R; Qin, C; Oktay, O; Bowles, C; Chen, L, et al