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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jun-2015Epoxy nanocomposites containing magnetite-carbon nanofibers aligned using a weak magnetic fieldWu, S; Ladani, RB; Zhang, J; Kinloch, AJ; Zhao, Z, et al
30-Aug-2016Strain Sensors with Adjustable Sensitivity by Tailoring the Microstructure of Graphene Aerogel/PDMS NanocompositesWu, S; Ladani, R; Zhang, J; Ghorbani, K; Zhang, X, et al
12-May-2016A novel route for tethering graphene with iron oxide and its magnetic field alignment in polymer nanocompositesKinloch, AJ; Zhang, J; Ladani, RB; Ghorbani, K; Mouritz, AP, et al
1-Nov-2018Fracture and fatigue behaviour of epoxy nanocomposites containing 1-D and 2-D nanoscale carbon fillersLadani, R; Bhasin, M; Wu, S; Ravindran, AR; Ghorbani, K, et al
13-Jan-2016Multifunctional Properties of Epoxy Nanocomposites Reinforced by Aligned Nanoscale CarbonKinloch, AJ; Ladani, RB; Wu, S; Ghorbani, K; Zhang, J, et al
9-May-2017Using carbon nanofibre sensors for in-situ detection and monitoring of disbonds in bonded composite jointsLadani, RB; Wu, S; Zhang, J; Ghorbani, K; Kinloch, AJ, et al
17-Jun-2017Enhancing fatigue resistance and damage characterisation in adhesively-bonded composite joints by carbon nanofibresLadini, RB; Wu, S; Kinloch, AJ; Ghorbani, K; Mourtitz, AP, et al
7-Jul-2015Aligning graphene nanoplatelets with an external electric field to improve multifunctional properties of epoxy nanocompositesKinloch, AJ; Wang, CH; Wu, S; Ladani, RB; Zhang, J, et al