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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2008Automatic differentiation for GPU-accelerated 2D/3D registrationGrabner, M; Pock, T; Gross, T; Kainz, B
16-Dec-2013Noise-based volume rendering for the visualization of multivariate volumetric dataKhlebnikov, R; Kainz, B; Steinberger, M; Schmalstieg, D
31-May-2015History Matching Through a Smooth Formulation of Multiple-Point StatisticsMelnikova, Y; Zunino, A; Lange, K; Cordua, KS; Mosegaard, K
21-Feb-2016CASK - Open-source custom architectures for sparse kernelsGrigoras, P; Burovskiy, P; Luk, W; , et al
6-Oct-2015VenSAR: A multi-functional S-band radar for the EnVision mission to VenusGhail, RC; Hall, D
1-Dec-2013Monte-Carlo expectation maximization for decentralized POMDPsWu, F; Zilberstein, S; Jennings, NR
15-May-1992Dynamics of the glass-forming liquid Di-2-ethylexyl Phthalate (DOP) as studied by light-scattering and neutron-scatteringFLOUDAS, G; HIGGINS, JS; FYTAS, G
20-Nov-2015Nonlinear moment matching-based model order reductionIonescu, TC; Astolfi, A;
15-Oct-2013Modelling heterogeneous location habits in human populations for location prediction under data sparsityMcInerney, J; Zheng, J; Rogers, A; Jennings, NR
1-Feb-2006Glass-ceramics: Their production from wastes-a reviewRawlings, RD; Wu, JP; Boccaccini, AR