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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Aug-2015Implant Design Variations in Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Influence the Required Deltoid Force and Resultant Joint LoadGiles, JW; Langohr, DG; Johnson, JA; Athwal, GS
1-Mar-2007Modeling, analysis and testing of autonomous operation of an inverter-based microgridPogaku, N; Prodanovic, M; Green, TC
1-Jan-2012Streaming potentials in hydrocarbon reservoir conditionsSaunders, JH; Jackson, MD; Pain, CC; Vinogradov, J
31-Aug-2015Toward Hybrid Materials: Group Transfer Polymerization of 3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl MethacrylateChung, JJ; Jones, JR; Georgiou, TK
5-Oct-2015Hybrid Retargeting for High-Speed Targeted Optical BiopsiesMouton, A; Ye, M; Lacombe, F; Yang, G-Z
7-Jul-2015Model-Based Design of Low Frequency Lamb Wave EMATs for Mode SelectivitySeher, M; Huthwaite, P; Lowe, MJS; Nagy, PB
21-Jun-2015In Memoriam: Anthony (Tony) GoodwinTrusler, JPM; Marsh, KN; Wakeham, WA
1-Jul-2005A market-based approach to recommender systemsWei, YZ; Moreau, L; Jennings, NR
16-Nov-2015Verification of GSM-based Artifact-centric Systems by Predicate AbstractionLomuscio, AR; griesmayer, A; gonzalez,
1-Feb-2000Autonomous Agents for Business Process ManagementJennings, NR; Faratin, P; Norman, TJ; Brien, PO; Odgers, B