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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2015Bayesian Optimization with Dimension Scheduling: Application to Biological SystemsUlmasov, D; Baroukh, C; Chachuat, B; Deisenroth, MP; Misener, R, et al
9-May-2018Exact lexicographic scheduling and approximate reschedulingLetsios, D; Misener, R;
31-Dec-2016Improving Sampling from Generative Autoencoders with Markov ChainsArulkumaran, K; Creswell, A; Bharath, AA
31-Dec-2017Neural Embeddings of Graphs in Hyperbolic SpaceChamberlain, BP; Clough, J; Deisenroth, MP
10-Jan-2017SubCMap: subject and condition specific effect mapsKonukoglu, E; Glocker, B
-Backpropagation for long sequences: beyond memory constraints with constant overheadsKukreja, N; Hückelheim, J; Gorman, GJ;
-A domain-specific language for the hybridization and static condensation of finite element methodsGibson, TH; Mitchell, L; Ham, DA; Cotter, CJ; , et al
-Unstructured Overlapping Mesh Distribution in ParallelKnepley, MG; Lange, M; Gorman, GJ
-Magnetism in Co$_{1-{\rm x}}$Fe$_{\rm x}$Sb$_{3}$ skutterudites from density functional theoryRÃ¥sander, M; Bergqvist, L
1-Dec-2016Local Testing for Membership in LatticesChandrasekaran, K; Cheraghchi, M; Gandikota, V; Grigorescu, E