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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2018On the segregation of re at dislocations in the γ’ phase of ni-based single crystal superalloysWu, X; Makineni, SK; Kontis, P; Dehm, G; Raabe, D, et al
3-Feb-2019Multistability and localization in forced cyclic symmetric structures modelled by weakly-coupled Duffing oscillatorsPapangelo, A; Fontanela, F; Grolet, A; Ciavarella, M; Hoffmann, N
12-Jan-2018High-level python abstractions for optimal checkpointing in inversion problemsKukreja, N; Hückelheim, J; Lange, M; Louboutin, M; Walther, A, et al
26-Jun-2019Characterisation of radiation damage in perovskite superconductor Yttrium Barium copper oxidePedrazzini, S; Danaie, M; Brittles, GD; Speller, S; Grovenor, CRM, et al
28-Jun-2019Duality of convex relaxations for constrained variational problemsFantuzzi, G
13-Dec-2018High strain rate behaviour of Nano-quasicrystalline Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2 alloy and compositesPedrazzini, S; Galano, M; Audebert, F; Gerlach, R; Siegkas, P, et al
24-Oct-2017Weld: Rethinking the interface between data-intensive applicationsPalkar, S; Thomas, J; Narayanan, D; Shanbhag, A; Palamuttam, R, et al
7-Oct-2018Assessing crosslingual discourse relations in machine translationSmith, KS; Specia, L
28-Dec-2015Data driven SMART intercontinental overlay networksBrun, O; Wang, L; Gelenbe, E
31-Dec-2017DLTK: State of the Art Reference Implementations for Deep Learning on Medical ImagesPawlowski, N; Ktena, SI; Lee, MCH; Kainz, B; Rueckert, D, et al