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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jul-2014Hierarchical stratification of Pareto setsLovison, A; Pecci, F
-Architecture and performance of Devito, a system for automated stencil computationLuporini, F; Lange, M; Louboutin, M; Kukreja, N; Hückelheim, J, et al
14-Nov-2016Evaluation of Decentralized Event-Triggered Control Strategies for Cyber-Physical SystemsKartakis, S; Fu, A; Jr, MM; McCann, JA
2-May-2016Multi30K: multilingual English-German image descriptionsElliott, D; Frank, S; Sima'an, K; Specia, L
13-Dec-2016Vicinity-driven paragraph and sentence alignment for comparable corporaPaetzold, GH; Specia, L
31-Dec-2018Detection of Adversarial Training Examples in Poisoning Attacks through Anomaly DetectionPaudice, A; Muñoz-González, L; Gyorgy, A; Lupu, EC
31-Dec-2018Morpho-MNIST: Quantitative Assessment and Diagnostics for Representation LearningCastro, DC; Tan, J; Kainz, B; Konukoglu, E; Glocker, B, et al
14-Jun-2018Deep generative models in the real-world: an open challenge from medical imagingChen, X; Pawlowski, N; Rajchl, M; Glocker, B; Konukoglu, E
21-Jul-2017SemanticFusion: Dense 3D Semantic Mapping with Convolutional Neural NetworksMcCormac, J; Handa, A; Davison, A; Leutenegger, S
-A note on integrating products of linear forms over the unit simplexCasale, G