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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Oct-2016Efficient multi-scale 3D CNN with fully connected CRF for accurate brain lesion segmentationKamnitsas, K; Ledig, C; Newcombe, VFJ; Simpson, JP; Kane, AD, et al
31-Dec-2018Fast multiple landmark localisation using a patch-based iterative networkLi, Y; Alansary, A; Cerrolaza, J; Khanal, B; Sinclair, M, et al
31-Dec-2018Standard plane detection in 3D fetal ultrasound using an iterative transformation networkLi, Y; Khanal, B; Hou, B; Alansary, A; Cerrolaza, J, et al
1-May-2017Machine learning of three-dimensional right ventricular motion enables outcome prediction in pulmonary hypertension: a cardiac MR imaging studyDawes, T; Simoes monteiro de marvao, A; Shi, W; Fletcher, T; Watson, G, et al
-Employing Weak Annotations for Medical Image Analysis ProblemsRajchl, M; Koch, LM; Ledig, C; Passerat-Palmbach, J; Misawa, K, et al
13-Apr-2017Human brain mapping: a systematic comparison of parcellation methods for the human cerebral cortexArslan, S; Ktena, SI; Makropoulos, A; Robinson, EC; Rueckert, D, et al
-PVR: Patch-to-Volume Reconstruction for Large Area Motion Correction of Fetal MRIAlansary, A; Rajchl, M; McDonagh, S; Murgasova, M; Damodaram, M, et al
6-Jun-2016High-Performance Motion Correction of Fetal MRIKainz, B; Lloyd, D; Alansary, A; Kuklisova Murgasova, M; Khlebnikov, R, et al
20-Apr-2016Learning Biomarker Models for Progression Estimation of Alzheimer’s DiseaseSchmidt-Richberg, A; Ledig, C; Guerrero, R; MolinaAbril2, H; Frangi, A, et al
23-Dec-2017Metric learning with spectral graph convolutions on brain connectivity networks.Ktena, SI; Parisot, S; Ferrante, E; Rajchl, M; Lee, M, et al