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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Sep-2007Numerical analysis of the energy contributions in peel tests: A steady-state multilevel finite element approachMartiny, P; Lani, F; Kinloch, AJ; Pardoen, T
21-Oct-2009The tensile fatigue behaviour of a silica nanoparticle-modified glass fibre reinforced epoxy compositeManjunatha, CM; Taylor, AC; Kinloch, AJ; Sprenger, S
1-Jun-2006The mechanical properties and fracture behaviour of epoxy-inorganic micro- and nano-compositesKinloch, AJ; Taylor,A.C.,
2-Apr-2000The impact wedge-peel performance of structural adhesivesBlackman,B.R.K.,; Kinloch, AJ; Taylor,A.C.,; Wang,Y.,
26-Jun-2015Epoxy nanocomposites containing magnetite-carbon nanofibers aligned using a weak magnetic fieldWu, S; Ladani, RB; Zhang, J; Kinloch, AJ; Zhao, Z, et al
12-Feb-2013The role of the surface pretreatment in the durability of aluminium-alloy structural adhesive Joints: mechanisms of failureBland, DJ; Kinloch, AJ; Watts, JF
1-Mar-2003Cohesive zone models and the plastically deforming peel testGeorgiou, I; Hadavinia, H; Ivankovic, A; Kinloch, AJ; Tropsa, V, et al
1-Mar-2004Crack growth of structural adhesive joints in humid environmentsKorenberg, CF; Kinloch, AJ; Watts, JF
1-Jun-2003Toughening epoxy adhesives to meet today's challengesKinloch, AJ
1-Jul-2003The static mechanical performance of repaired composite sandwich beams: Part II - Finite element modellingMahdi, S; Kinloch, AJ; Matthews, FL; Crisfield, MA