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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Sep-2013Enhancing corporate environmental performance through reporting and roadmapsCaritte, V; Acha, S; Shah, N; Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd; Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
12-Apr-2017Development of an optimization-based framework for simultaneous process synthesis and heat integrationKong, Q; Shah, N
-Integrated modelling of agent-based electric vehicles into optimal power flow studiesAcha, S; Van Dam, KH; Keirstead, J; Shah, N; BP International Limited
17-Jan-2011Optimal charging strategies of electric vehicles in the UK power marketAcha, S; Green, TC; Shah, N; BP International Limited
1-Jan-2015Estimating plug-in electric vehicle demand flexibility through an agent-based simulation modelBustos-Turu, G; Van Dam, KH; Acha, S; Shah, N; Commission of the European Communities
9-Oct-2015A Review on Hydrothermal Pre-treatment Technologies and Environmental Profiles of Algal Biomass ProcessingPatel, B; Guo, M; Izadpanah, A; Shah, N; Hellgardt, K
21-Mar-2013Diagnostic tools of energy performance for supermarkets using Artificial Neural Network algorithmsMavromatidis, G; Acha, S; Shah, N; Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
8-Apr-2016Simulating residential electricity and heat demand in urban areas using an agent-based modelling approachAcha Izquierdo, S; Van Dam, KH; Markides, C; Shah, N; Bustos-Turu, G, et al
3-Feb-2009The commercial performance of cellulosic ethanol supply-chains in EuropeSlade, R; Shah, N; Bauen, A
19-Jan-2014Fixed-flowrate total water network synthesis under uncertainty with risk managementKhor, CS; Chachuat, B; Shah, N