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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2015Oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial dysfunction drives inflammation and airway smooth muscle remodeling in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseWiegman, CH; Michaeloudes, C; Haji, G; Narang, P; Clarke, CJ, et al
1-Jul-2017Simultaneous improvements in flammability and mechanical toughening of epoxy resins through nano-silica additionRoenner, N; Hutheesing, K; Fergusson, A; Rein, G
1-Jan-2017Deep structured learning for facial action unit intensity estimationWalecki, R; Rudovic, OO; Pavlovic, V; Schuller, B; Pantic, M, et al
31-Dec-2018Deep learning for musculoskeletal force predictionRane, L; Ding, Z; McGregor, AH; Bull, AMJ
4-Sep-2017Trajectory of the Selective Dissolution of Charged Single-Walled Carbon NanotubesBuckley, DJ; Hodge, SA; De Marco, M; Hu, S; Anthony, DB, et al
17-Oct-2017Scenario dependence of linear site effect factors for short-period response spectral ordinatesStafford, PJ; Rodriguez-Marek, A; Edwards, B; Kruiver, PP; Bommer, JJ
2-Jun-2016Entropy noise: a review of theory, progress and challengesMorgans, AS; Duran, I; Commission of the European Communities
8-Apr-2016Using archetypes to create user panels for usability studies: Streamlining focus groups and user studiesStavrakos, SK; Ahmed-Kristensen; Goldman
21-Jul-2015Consensus statement from the 2014 International Microdialysis Forum.Hutchinson, PJ; Jalloh, I; Helmy, A; Carpenter, KL; Rostami, E, et al
21-Oct-2017Dislocation interactions in olivine revealed by HR-EBSDWallis, D; Hansen, LN; Britton, TB; Wilkinson, AJ; Royal Academy Of Engineering