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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2000Implementing a business process management system using ADEPT: a real-world case studyJennings, NR; Faratin, P; Norman, TJ; Brien, PO; Odgers, B, et al
1-Mar-2000On Agent-Based Software EngineeringJennings, NR
30-Jun-2001Organisational rules as an abstraction for the analysis and design of multi-agent systemsZambonelli, F; Jennings, NR; Wooldridge, M
1-Sep-2001Socially intelligent reasoning for autonomous agentsHogg, LMJ; Jennings, NR
1-Mar-2000Efficient mechanisms for the supply of services in multi-agent environmentsVulkan, N; Jennings, NR
1-May-2002Negotiating the semantics of agent communication languagesReed, C; Norman, TJ; Jennings, NR
1-Jun-2002Engineering Executable Agents Using Multi-Context SystemsSabater, J; Sierra, C; Parsons, S; Jennings, NR
1-Jan-2008Sequential auctions in uncertain information settings.Fatima, SS; Wooldridge, M; Jennings, NR
11-Aug-2008A Euler–Poincaré framework for the multilayer Green–Nagdhi equationsPercival, JR; Cotter, CJ; Holm, DD
24-Dec-2007On efficient procedures for multi-issue negotiationFatima, SS; Wooldridge, M; Jennings, NR