Unexplained Excess of Electronlike Events from a 1-GeV Neutrino Beam

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Title: Unexplained Excess of Electronlike Events from a 1-GeV Neutrino Beam
Author(s): Aguilar-Arevalo, AA
Anderson, CE
Bazarko, AO
Brice, SJ
Brown, BC
Bugel, L
Cao, J
Coney, L
Conrad, JM
Cox, DC
Curioni, A
Djurcic, Z
Finley, DA
Fleming, BT
Ford, R
Garcia, FG
Garvey, GT
Green, C
Green, JA
Hart, TL
Hawker, E
Imlay, R
Johnson, RA
Karagiorgi, G
Kasper, P
Katori, T
Kobilarcik, T
Kourbanis, I
Koutsoliotas, S
Laird, EM
Linden, SK
Link, JM
Liu, Y
Liu, Y
Louis, WC
Mahn, KBM
Marsh, W
McGregor, G
Metcalf, W
Meyers, PD
Mills, F
Mills, GB
Monroe, J
Moore, CD
Nelson, RH
Nguyen, VT
Nienaber, P
Nowak, JA
Ouedraogo, S
Patterson, RB
Perevalov, D
Polly, CC
Prebys, E
Raaf, JL
Ray, H
Roe, BP
Russell, AD
Sandberg, V
Schirato, R
Schmitz, D
Shaevitz, MH
Shoemaker, FC
Smith, D
Sodeberg, M
Sorel, M
Spentzouris, P
Stancu, I
Stefanski, RJ
Sung, M
Tanaka, HA
Tayloe, R
Tzanov, M
Van de Water, R
Wascko, MO
White, DH
Wilking, MJ
Yang, HJ
Zeller, GP
Zimmerman, ED
Item Type: Journal Article
Publication Date: 13-Mar-2009
ISSN: 0031-9007
Volume: 102
Issue: 10
Copyright Statement: © 2009 The American Physical Society
Publication Status: Published
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