Attosecond streaking of photoelectron emission from disordered solids

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Title: Attosecond streaking of photoelectron emission from disordered solids
Authors: Okell, WA
Witting, T
Fabris, D
Arrell, CA
Hengster, J
Ibrahimkutty, S
Seiler, A
Barthelmess, M
Stankov, S
Lei, DY
Sonnefraud, Y
Rahmani, M
Uphues, T
Maier, SA
Marangos, JP
Tisch, JWG
Item Type: Report
Abstract: Attosecond streaking of photoelectrons emitted by extreme ultraviolet light has begun to reveal how electrons behave during their transport within simple crystalline solids. Many sample types within nanoplasmonics, thin-film physics, and semiconductor physics, however, do not have a simple single crystal structure. The electron dynamics which underpin the optical response of plasmonic nanostructures and wide-bandgap semiconductors happen on an attosecond timescale. Measuring these dynamics using attosecond streaking will enable such systems to be specially tailored for applications in areas such as ultrafast opto-electronics. We show that streaking can be extended to this very general type of sample by presenting streaking measurements on an amorphous film of the wide-bandgap semiconductor tungsten trioxide, and on polycrystalline gold, a material that forms the basis of many nanoplasmonic devices. Our measurements reveal the near-field temporal structure at the sample surface, and photoelectron wavepacket temporal broadening consistent with a spread of electron transport times to the surface.
Issue Date: 27-Nov-2014
Copyright Statement: © 2014 The Authors
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