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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Development of a logic-based approach for the design of low molecular weight regulators of biological activitySternberg, Michael; Muggleton, Stephen; Reynolds, Christopher Robert; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Great Britain); Equinox Pharma Limited
Sep-2013Development of a synthetic biology approach to targeted directed evolution of proteins in vivoBaldwin, Geoff; Freemont, Paul; Kitney, Richard; Adie, Thomas
May-2016Development of a trypanosome-based system to investigate the function of helminth secreted proteins in vivoSelkirk, Murray; Vaux, Rachel; Medical research council; Leverhulme Trust
May-2016The development of gene drives for genetic control of the malaria mosquitoCrisanti, Andrea; Nolan, Tony; Hammond, Andrew Marc; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Sep-2016Development of novel strategies for template-based protein structure predictionSternberg, Michael; Mezulis, Stefans; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Jun-2015Development of silencing vectors for Aspergillus fumigatus based on mycoviruses and short interspersed nuclear elementsCoutts, Robert; Spanu, Pietro; Kanhayuwa, Lakkhana; Thailand
Sep-2018Disentangling the net: The socio-ecological dynamics of mosquito net fishingMilner-Gulland, E.J.; Short, Rebecca; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain)
Apr-2015Diversity and structure of bird and mammal communities in the Semiarid Chaco Region: response to agricultural practices and landscape alterationsBanks-Leite, Cristina; Decarre, Julieta; International Network for Urban Development Association
Jun-2018Diversity of beetles across a land-use gradient in Sabah, MalaysiaEwers, Robert; Sharp, Adam Christian; Sime Darby Foundation
Oct-2013The Dynamics of a Bushmeat Hunting System under Social, Economic and Environmental ChangeMilner-Gulland, EJ; McNamara, James; Imperial College London
Jun-2013Dynamics of large mammal range shifts and extinction : evidence from the Holocene record of EuropeMace, Georgina; Purvis, Andy; Crees, Jennifer; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain)
Apr-2013The ecological and evolutionary responses of groups of species to environmental changeBarraclough, Tim; Lawrence, Diane Louise; Imperial College London
Oct-2018The ecology and evolution of fungal symbiosis in ancient land plantsBidartondo, Martin; Pressel, Silvia; Rimington, William Robert; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain)
Jun-2013The ecology and population genetics of introduced deer speciesCoulson, Tim; Savolainen, Vincent; Fautley, Richard Guy; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Great Britain); British Deer Society
Jun-2017The ecology of Raoiella indica (Hirst: Tenuipalpidae) in India and Trinidad: Host plant relations and predator: prey relationshipsWright, Denis; Leather, Simon; Taylor, Arabella Bryony Katharine; CABI
Sep-2013The effect of drought stress on the green spruce aphidLeather, Simon R.; Banfield-Zanin, Jennifer A.
Jul-2017The effect of Poly I:C induced inflammation on hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell behaviour in the zebrafish hematopoietic transplant modelDallman, Margaret; Lo Celso, Cristina; McBrien, Marie; Wellcome Trust (London, England)
Apr-2018The effects of human disturbance on vascular epiphyte in the Brazilian Atlantic ForestBanks-Leite, Cristina; Parra Sánchez, Edicson; Fondo Colombiano de Investigaciones Científicas y Proyectos Especiales Francisco José de Caldas
Oct-2016Effects of land use and habitat fragmentation on local biodiversityPurvis, Andy; Phillips, Helen Rachel Patricia; H. Rausing Foundation
Oct-2015Effects of land use on bee diversityPurvis, Andy; De Palma, Adriana Fiorita; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Great Britain)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 41 to 60 of 226