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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Exploring complex ecological patterns in hyper-diverse tropical canopy arthropod communities using modern genetic technologiesVogler, Alfried; Kovac, Mirko; Creedy, Thomas; Imperial College London
Jun-2013Road development in the Brazilian Amazon and its ecological implicationsEwers, Robert; Ahmed, Sadia Evelyn; Microsoft Research; Imperial College London
Apr-2017Stochastic analysis and control methods for molecular cell biologyStumpf, Michael P. H.; Lakatos, Eszter; Imperial College London
Aug-2017The assembly and repair of cyanobacterial Photosystem IINixon, Peter; Shao, Shengxi; Imperial College London
Sep-2017Bioenergetic studies on the quinone electron acceptors of photosystem IIRutherford, Alfred William; De Causmaecker, Sven; Imperial College London
Jun-2014Glycomic and glycoproteomic studies of immune disordersHaslam, Stuart; Dell, Anne; Wu, Gang; Imperial College London
Dec-2015Impacts of climate change on ecosystem functioning: linking aboveground and belowground responsesBell, Thomas; Power, Sally; Pierce, Sarah; Imperial College London; Natural Environment Research Council; Natural Environment Research Council (Great Britain)
Oct-2013The Dynamics of a Bushmeat Hunting System under Social, Economic and Environmental ChangeMilner-Gulland, EJ; McNamara, James; Imperial College London
Sep-2013The spatial and temporal characterisation of functional interactions between the key membrane stress proteins at the single molecule level in live Escherichia coli cellsBuck, Martin; Ying, Liming; Mehta, Parul; Imperial College London
Jul-2013Modelling land cover change in tropical rainforestsEwers, Robert; Rosa, Isabel Maria Duarte; Imperial College London