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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2013Characterisation of Bacterial MyrosinaseRossiter, John; Buck, Martin; Abdulhadi Ali, Albaser;
Nov-2013Investigating the role of two activating receptors, NKG2D and NKp46, in natural killer cell education and in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma linked to chronic inflammationGuerra, Nadia; Davis, Daniel; Sheppard, Sam;
Apr-2013Analysis of the signalling mechanisms involved in Cell Wall Integrity maintenance in A.thalianaHamann, Thorsten; McKenna, Joseph Francis
Apr-2013Characterisation of the molecular basis underlying Chlamydial subversion of focal adhesion signalingCarabeo, Rey; Filloux, Alain; Thwaites, Tristan
Jul-2013Modelling land cover change in tropical rainforestsEwers, Robert; Rosa, Isabel Maria Duarte;
Apr-2013Understanding drivers of species distribution change: a trait-based approachRoy, David; Purvis, Andy; Powney, Gary
Mar-2013Influence of human gut microbiota on the metabolic fate of glucosinolatesRossiter, John; Buck, Martin; Luang-In, Vijitra
May-2013Structure analysis of biologically important prokaryotic glycopolymersHaslam, Stuart; Dell, Anne; Ventura, Valeria Victoria
Mar-2013Structure and function of sodium-proton antiportersDrew, David; Iwata, So; Cameron, Alexander; Lee, Chiara Natasha
Apr-2013The ecological and evolutionary responses of groups of species to environmental changeBarraclough, Tim; Lawrence, Diane Louise;