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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2016Effects of Truncating Variants in Titin on Cardiac Phenotype and Left Ventricular Remodelling in Dilated CardiomyopathyTayal, U; Buchan, RJ; Whiffin, N; Newsome, S; Mazzarotto, F, et al
8-Nov-2016Global associations between air pollutants and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) exacerbations: a systematic reviewMoore, EA; Chatzidiakou, L; Kuku, M-O; Jones, RL; Smeeth, L, et al
1-Sep-2015A missense mutation of POPDC1 affecting cAMP-binding causes limb-girdle muscular dystrophy and cardiac arrhythmiaSchindler, RF; Scotton, C; Simrick, SL; Passarelli, C; Rinne, S, et al
13-May-2016Altered redox and metabolic status in airway smooth muscle cells of patients with COPDMichaeloudes, C; Kuo, C-H; Adcock, IM; Chung, KF; Medical Research Council (MRC)
13-May-2016Necroptosis signalling in lung epithelial cells modulates mitochondrial function and reactive oxygen species generation in healthy and asthmatic airway smooth muscle (ASM) cellsOjo, OO; Wiegman, C; Chung, K; Adcock, IM; Medical Research Council (MRC)
21-Dec-2009Characterisation of carbon nanotubes in the context of toxicity studiesBerhanu, D; Dybowska, A; Misra, SK; Stanley, CJ; Ruenraroengsak, P, et al
1-Apr-2019THU-331. Derivation and validation of a cardiovascular risk score for prediction of major acute cardiovascular events in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: The importance of an elevated mean platelet volumeAbeles, RD; Mullish, BH; Forlano, R; Adler, M; Giannakeas, N, et al
18-Jan-2018Predictive Modelling Strategies to Understand Heterogeneous Manifestations of Asthma in Early LifeBelgrave, D; Cassidy, R; Custovic, A; Stamate, D; Fleming, L, et al
1-May-2016Preparation for a First-in-Man Lentivirus Trial in Cystic Fibrosis PatientsGriesenbach, U; Alton, EWFW; Beekman, JM; Boyd, CA; Davies, JC, et al
2-Dec-2015F/HN-mediated gene therapy enables lungs to produce therapeutically relevant levels of FVIIIPytel, KM; Paul-Smith, MC; McIntosh, J; Chan, M; Meng, C, et al