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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Aug-2018An extracellular matrix fragment drives epithelial remodeling and airway hyper-responsivenessPatel, D; Peiro, T; Shoemark, A; Akthar, S; Walker, S, et al
15-May-2018Cytokine responses to rhinovirus and development of asthma, allergic sensitization and respiratory infections during childhoodCustovic, A; Belgrave, D; Lin, L; Bakhsoliani, E; Telcian, AG, et al
1-Jun-2018Adolescent and caregivers' experiences of electronic adherence assessment in paediatric problematic severe asthmaStewart, AC; Gannon, KN; Beresford, F; Fleming, L; Asthma UK
9-May-2018The anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory response of COPD airway smooth muscle cells to hydrogen sulfide.Perry, MM; Tildy, B; Papi, A; Casolari, P; Caramori, G, et al
16-Apr-2018The use of electronic alerts in primary care computer systems to identify the excessive prescription of short-acting beta(2)-agonists for people with asthma: a systematic reviewMcKibben, S; De Simoni, A; Bush, A; Thomas, M; Griffiths, C, et al
12-Jul-2018Recurrent lower respiratory tract infections in childrenDe Benedictis, FM; Bush, A; Asthma UK
1-Jun-2018The relationship between inflammation and remodeling in childhood asthma: a systematic reviewCastro-Rodriguez, JA; Saglani, S; Rodriguez-Martinez, CE; Oyarzun, MA; Fleming, L, et al
14-May-2018Fragment-derived inhibitors of human N-myristoyltransferase block capsid assembly and replication of the common cold virusMousnier, A; Bell, AS; Swieboda, DP; Morales-Sanfrutos, J; PĂ©rez-Dorado, I, et al
8-Jun-2018Corticosteroid suppression of antiviral immunity increases bacterial loads and mucus production in COPD exacerbationsSinganayagam, A; Glanville, N; Girkin, J; Ching, YM; Marcellini, A, et al
1-Jun-2018What sort of asthma do I have?Bush, A; Asthma UK