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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2017Clinical and pathological characteristics of severely asthmatic children with persistent airflow limitationNayeem, A; Saglani, S; Bush, A; Silveira, LP; Bossley, C, et al
1-Dec-2017Change in lung clearance index and exhaled nitric oxide as markers of systemic corticosteroid response in children with severe asthmaIrving, S; Bingham, Y; Bossley, C; Fleming, L; Saglani, S, et al
18-Jan-2018Predictive Modelling Strategies to Understand Heterogeneous Manifestations of Asthma in Early LifeBelgrave, D; Cassidy, R; Custovic, A; Stamate, D; Fleming, L, et al
2-Dec-2015The relationship between invasive and non-invasive measures of inflammation in children with severe therapy-resistant asthmaMckeon, S; Saglani, S; Bush, A; Fleming, L; Asthma UK, et al
2-Dec-2015Feasibility of measuring lung clearance index (LCI) in a clinic setting in preschool children with a range of airway diseasesDowning, B; Irving, S; Bingham, Y; Fleming, L; Bush, A, et al
2-Dec-2015Extrapolating lung clearance index (LCI) from shortened measurementsTanou, K; Irving, S; Ahmad, F; Fleming, L; Rosenthal, M, et al
19-May-2017Role of airway Ilc2 And Ilc3 compared to Th2 And Th17 cells in paediatric severe therapy resistant asthma (stra)Nagakumar, P; Artusio, L; Fainardi, V; Fleming, L; Bush, A, et al
19-May-2017Clinical phenotypes of asthma in childhood and adolescence: clustering analysis from the paediatric u-biopred cohortsHashimoto, S; Brinkman, P; Lefaudeux, D; Bansal, A; De Meulder, B, et al
1-Jun-2018Exercise-induced laryngeal obstructionFleming, L
1-Jun-2018Sputum: Infection and inflammationFleming, L