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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2019Author Correction: “Tossing a coin:” defining the excessive use of short-acting beta2-agonists in asthma—the views of general practitioners and asthma experts in primary and secondary careMcKibben, S; Bush, A; Thomas, M; Griffiths, C
26-Mar-2019Longitudinal development of the airway microbiota in infants with cystic fibrosisAhmed, B; Cox, M; Cuthbertson, L; James, P; Cookson, W, et al
28-Jan-2019Vilnius Declaration on chronic respiratory diseases: multisectoral care pathways embedding guided self-management, mHealth and air pollution in chronic respiratory diseasesValiulis, A; Bousquet, J; Veryga, A; Suprun, U; Sergeenko, D, et al
19-Mar-2019Pathophysiological mechanisms of asthmaBush, A; Asthma UK
1-Jan-2019Welcome new guidelines: Now the hard work starts!Bush, A; Asthma UK
13-Jun-2019Congenital lung malformations: unresolved issues and unanswered questionsAnnunziata, F; Bush, A; Borgia, F; Raimondi, F; Montella, S, et al
18-Jul-2019ERS Statement on Tracheomalacia and Bronchomalacia in Children.Wallis, C; Alexopoulou, E; Antón-Pacheco, JL; Bhatt, JM; Bush, A, et al
4-Jun-2019Pulmonary type2 innate lymphoid cells in paediatric severe asthma: phenotype and response to steroidsNagakumar, P; Puttur, F; Gregory, LG; Denney, L; Fleming, L, et al
1-Apr-2019Asthma: moving toward a global children's charterLenney, W; Adachi, Y; Bush, A; Fischer, GB; Hong, J, et al
1-Aug-2019Paediatric asthma care in the UK: fragmented and fatally fallible.Levy, ML; Fleming, L; Warner, JO; Bush, A; Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, et al