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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jan-2019Quadriceps miR-542-3p and 5p are elevated in COPD and reduce function by inhibiting ribosomal and protein synthesisFarre-Garros, R; Lee, J; Natanek, S; Connolly, M; Sayer, A, et al
7-Mar-2019MAP4K4 inhibition promotes survival of human stem cell derived cardiomyocyte and reduces infarct size in vivoSchneider, M; Fiedler, L; Chapman, K; Xie, M; Maifosie, E, et al
25-Jan-2019Neuropilin-1 controls endothelial homeostasis by regulating mitochondrial function and iron-dependent oxidative stress via ABCB8Issitt, T; Bosseboeuf, E; De Winter, N; Dufton, N; Gestri, G, et al
3-Jan-2019Using high-resolution variant frequencies empowers clinical genome interpretation and enables investigation of genetic architectureWhiffin, N; Roberts, AM; Minikel, E; Zappala, Z; Walsh, R, et al
29-Jan-2019Multi-ancestry genome-wide association study of lipid levels incorporating gene-alcohol interactionsDe Vries, PS; Brown, MR; Bentley, AR; Sung, YJ; Winkler, TW, et al
5-Jan-2019Withdrawal of pharmacological treatment for heart failure in patients with recovered dilated cardiomyopathy (TRED-HF): an open-label, pilot, randomised trialHalliday, BP; Wassall, R; Lota, A; Khalique, Z; Gregson, J, et al
14-Mar-2019Optimisation of laboratory methods for whole transcriptomic RNA analyses in human left ventricular biopsies and blood samples of clinical relevanceFord, KL; Anwar, M; Heys, R; Ahmed, EM; Caputo, M, et al
28-Feb-2019Ventricular conduction stability test: a method to identify and quantify changes in whole heart activation patterns during physiological stressShun-Shin, MJ; Leong, KMW; Ng, FS; Linton, NWF; Whinnett, ZI, et al
9-Jan-2019Utility of machine learning algorithms in assessing patients with a systemic right ventricleDiller, G-P; Babu-Narayan, S; Li, W; Radojevic, J; Kempny, A, et al
25-Feb-2019QRS-T angle predicts cardiac risk and correlates with global longitudinal strain in prevalent hemodialysis patientsSkampardoni, S; Green, D; Hnatkova, K; Malik, M; Kalra, PA, et al