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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2019Impact of short-term traffic-related air pollution on the metabolome – results from two metabolome-wide experimental studiesChadeau, M; Van Veldhoven, C; Kiss, A; Keski-Rahkonen, P; Robinot, N, et al
27-Jun-2019The occupations at increased risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): analysis of lifetime job-histories in the population-based UK Biobank CohortDe Matteis, S; Jarvis, D; Darnton, A; Hutchings, S; Sadhra, S, et al
17-Jun-2019The prognostic significance of weight loss in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-related cachexia: a prospective cohort study.Kwan, HY; Maddocks, M; Nolan, CM; Jones, SE; Patel, S, et al
23-Mar-2019Severe occupational asthma: insights from a multicenter European cohortVandenplas, O; Godet, J; Hurdubaea, L; Rifflart, C; Suojalehto, H, et al
20-Jun-2019Laboratory animal allergy is preventable in modern research facilitiesFeary, JR; Schofield, SJ; Canizales, J; Fitzgerald, B; Potts, J, et al
26-Jul-2019COPD and breathlessness in older workers predict economic inactivity; A prospective cohort study.Schofield, SJ; Woods, A; Szram, J; Newman Taylor, AJ; Cullinan, P, et al
Feb-2019Are high- and low-molecular-weight sensitizing agents associated with different clinical phenotypes of occupational asthma?Vandenplas, O; Godet, J; Hurdubaea, L; Rifflart, C; Suojalehto, H, et al
Aug-2019Continuous laryngoscopy during provocation in the assessment of inducible laryngeal obstructionHull, JH; Walsted, ES; Feary, J; Cullinan, P; Scadding, G, et al
9-Aug-2019Delayed occupational asthma from epoxy exposure.Brock Jacobsen, I; Baelum, J; Carstensen, O; Skadhauge, LR; Feary, J, et al
1-Apr-2019Basophil activation testing in occupational respiratory allergy to low molecular weight compoundsVera-Berrios, RN; Feary, J; Cullinan, P