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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Restrictive spirometry pattern is associated with low physical activity levels. A population based international studyCarsin, AE; Fuertes, E; Schaffner, E; Jarvis, D; Antó, JM, et al
4-Jan-2019Inhaled Nanoformulated mRNA Polyplexes for Protein Production in Lung EpitheliumPatel, AK; Kaczmarek, JC; Bose, S; Kauffman, KJ; Mir, F, et al
11-Feb-2019Contribution of airway eosinophils in airway wall remodeling in asthma: role of MMP-10 and METKuo, C-HS; Pavlidis, S; Zhu, J; Loza, M; Baribaud, F, et al
24-Jan-2019Quadriceps miR-542-3p and 5p are elevated in COPD and reduce function by inhibiting ribosomal and protein synthesisFarre-Garros, R; Lee, J; Natanek, S; Connolly, M; Sayer, A, et al
1-Feb-2019Proceedings of the American College of Rheumatology/Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland Connective Tissue Disease-Associated Interstitial Lung Disease Summit: A multidisciplinary approach to address challenges and opportunitiesFischer, A; Strek, ME; Cottin, V; Dellaripa, PF; Bernstein, EJ, et al
7-Feb-2019Prediction and prevention of heart failure in high-risk elderly patientsHalliday, BP; Pennell, DJ
21-Feb-2019Living alone and cardiovascular disease outcomesGandi, S; Goodman, S; Greenlaw, N; Ford, I; McSkimming, P, et al
28-Apr-2019An activated-platelet-sensitive nanocarrier enables targeted delivery of tissue plasminogen activator for effective thrombolytic therapyHuang, Y; Yu, L; Ren, J; Gu, B; Longstaff, C, et al
4-Feb-2019Autoimmune rheumatic disease IgG has differential effects upon neutrophil integrin activation that is modulated by the endotheliumKhawaja, AA; Pericleous, C; Ripoll, VM; Porter, JC; Giles, IP
5-Mar-2019Derivation and validation of a cardiovascular risk score for prediction of major acute cardiovascular events in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; the importance of an elevated mean platelet volumeAbeles, RD; Mullish, BH; Forlano, R; Kimhofer, T; Adler, M, et al