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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Nov-2012Research needs in allergy: an EAACI position paper, in collaboration with EFA.Papadopoulos, NG; Agache, I; Bavbek, S; Bilo, BM; Braido, F, et al
1-Dec-2012From abstract to impact in cardiovascular research: factors predicting publication and citationWinnik, S; Raptis, DA; Walker, JH; Hasun, M; Speer, T, et al
21-Jun-2012Remodeling after acute myocardial infarction: mapping ventricular dilatation using three dimensional CMR image registrationO'Regan, DP; Shi, W; Ariff, B; Baksi, AJ; Durighel, G, et al
1-May-2012SERCA2a gene therapy restores microRNA-1 expression in heart failure via an Akt/FoxO3A-dependent pathwayKumarswamy, R; Lyon, AR; Volkmann, I; Mills, AM; Bretthauer, J, et al
29-Mar-2012Mechanoprotection by polycystins against apoptosis is mediated through the opening of stretch-activated K(2P) channels.Peyronnet, R; Sharif-Naeini, R; Folgering, JH; Arhatte, M; Jodar, M, et al
1-Aug-2012Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors reduce mortality in hypertension: a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials of reninangiotensinaldosterone system inhibitors involving 158 998 patientsvan Vark, LC; Bertrand, M; Akkerhuis, KM; Brugts, JJ; Fox, K, et al
1-May-2012Activin induces cortical interneuron identity and differentiation in embryonic stem cell-derived telencephalic neural precursorsCambray, S; Arber, C; Little, G; Dougalis, AG; de Paola, V, et al
1-Aug-2012Sputum inflammatory phenotypes are not stable in children with asthmaFleming, L; Tsartsali, L; Wilson, N; Regamey, N; Bush, A
7-Aug-2012High Levels of Circulating Epinehrine Trigger Apical Cardiodepression in a beta(2)-Adrenergic Receptor/G(i)-Dependent Manner A New Model of Takotsubo CardiomyopathyPaur, H; Wright, PT; Sikkel, MB; Tranter, MH; Mansfield, C, et al
3-Aug-2012The Comparative Clinical Course of Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women Hospitalised with Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 InfectionDolan, GP; Myles, PR; Brett, SJ; Enstone, JE; Read, RC, et al