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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2017The binding capacity of α1β1-, α2β1- and α10β1-integrins depends on non-collagenous surface macromolecules rather than the collagens in cartilage fibrils.Woltersdorf, C; Bonk, M; Leitinger, B; Huhtala, M; Käpylä, J, et al
1-Aug-2017Antibody-based assay discriminates Zika virus infection from other flavivirusesBalmaseda, A; Stettler, K; Medialdea-Carrera, R; Collado, D; Jin, X, et al
1-Aug-2017Respiratory symptoms are more common among short sleepers independent of obesityBjornsdottir, E; Janson, C; Lindberg, E; Arnardottir, ES; Benediktsdottir, B, et al
1-Jun-2017Use of Patterned Collagen Coated Slides to Study Normal and Scleroderma Lung Fibroblast MigrationAbdi, BA; Lopez, H; Karrar, S; Renzoni, E; Wells, A, et al
13-Mar-2017Fatal severe coronary artery stenosis in Williams syndrome: decision making using late gadolinium enhancement cardiovascular MRI.Voges, I; Franklin, RC; Wage, R; Babu-Narayan, SV; British Heart Foundation
7-Mar-2017Contemporary cardiac surgery for adults with congenital heart diseaseBeurtheret, S; Tutarel, O; Diller, GP; West, C; Ntalarizou, E, et al
1-Feb-2017Unexpected resolution of first-trimester fetal valve stenosis: consequence of developmental remodeling?Gardiner, HM; Ho, SY
26-Oct-2017Clinical Features and Outcomes of Patients With Tubercular Uveitis Treated With Antitubercular Therapy in the Collaborative Ocular Tuberculosis Study (COTS)-1Agrawal, R; Gunasekeran, DV; Grant, R; Agarwal, A; Kon, OM, et al
1-Nov-2017Who is an expert? ReplyMesserli, FH; Hofstetter, L; Agabiti-Rosei, E; Burnier, M; Elliott, WJ, et al
24-Oct-2017Effect of Monthly, High-Dose, Long-Term Vitamin D Supplementation on Central Blood Pressure Parameters: A Randomized Controlled Trial Substudy.Sluyter, JD; Camargo, CA; Stewart, AW; Waayer, D; Lawes, CMM, et al