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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2014Requirement of JNK1 for endothelial cell injury in atherogenesisAmini, N; Boyle, JJ; Moers, B; Warboys, CM; Malik, TH, et al
1-Aug-2014DNGR-1 is dispensable for CD8(+) T-cell priming during respiratory syncytial virus infectionDurant, LR; Pereira, C; Boakye, A; Makris, S; Kausar, F, et al
1-Sep-2014Is previous respiratory disease a risk factor for lung cancer?Denholm, R; Schuez, J; Straif, K; Stuecker, I; Joecke, K-H, et al
1-Oct-2014The reporting of animal welfare details in liver research: a review of studies describing bile duct ligation in mice (2011-2013).Secklehner, J; Richardson, CA
10-Jun-2014Amplification of human platelet activation by surface pannexin-1 channelsTaylor, KA; Wright, JR; Vial, C; Evans, RJ; Mahaut-Smith, MP
31-Dec-2014Measuring the psychosocial burden in women with low-grade abnormal cervical cytology in the TOMBOLA trial: psychometric properties of the Process and Outcome Specific Measure (POSM).Rothnie, K; Cotton, SC; Fielding, S; Gray, NM; Little, J, et al
18-Jun-2014Rat-specific IgG and IgG(4) antibodies associated with inhibition of IgE-allergen complex binding in laboratory animal workersJones, M; Jeal, H; Schofield, S; Harris, JM; Shamji, MH, et al
30-Nov-2014A Feasibility Study of Parents’ Perceptions of close proximity in-situ Simulation within a Paediatric Cardiorespiratory Intensive Care Unit and WardLofton, L; Gruendler, K; Combes, J; Lane, M; DeCosta, K, et al
18-Dec-2014Cardiovascular risk factors and ventilatory function: a cross-sectional study in young adultsGarcia-Larsen, V; Bustos, P; Amigo, H; Potts, JF; Rona, RJ
1-Sep-2014HEATR2 Plays a Conserved Role in Assembly of the Ciliary Motile ApparatusDiggle, CP; Moore, DJ; Mali, G; zur Lage, P; Ait-Lounis, A, et al