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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Apr-2011Pre-Admission Statin Use and In-Hospital Severity of 2009 Pandemic Influenza A(H1N1) DiseaseBrett, SJ; Myles, P; Lim, WS; Enstone, JE; Bannister, B, et al
1-Apr-2011Nosocomial Pandemic (H1N1) 2009, United Kingdom, 2009-2010Enstone, JE; Myles, PR; Openshaw, PJM; Gadd, EM; Lim, WS, et al
1-Jan-2011Bioorthogonal chemical tagging of protein cholesterylation in living cellsHeal, WP; Jovanovic, B; Bessin, S; Wright, MH; Magee, AI, et al
7-Jan-2011Cardiopoietic Factors Extracellular Signals for Cardiac Lineage CommitmentNoseda, M; Peterkin, T; Simoes, FC; Patient, R; Schneider, MD
1-May-2011When is an optimization not an optimization? Evaluation of clinical implications of information content (signal-to-noise ratio) in optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy, and how to measure and maximize itPabari, PA; Willson, K; Stegemann, B; van Geldorp, IE; Kyriacou, A, et al
6-Jul-2011Effect of deferiprone or deferoxamine on right ventricular function in thalassemia major patients with myocardial iron overloadSmith, GC; Alpendurada, F; Carpenter, JP; Alam, MH; Berdoukas, V, et al
1-Feb-2011Modulation of human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte growth: A testbed for studying human cardiac hypertrophy?Foeldes, G; Mioulane, M; Wright, JS; Liu, AQ; Novak, P, et al
17-Feb-2011Quantitative 3-dimensional imaging of murine neointimal and atherosclerotic lesions by optical projection tomographyKirkby, NS; Low, L; Seckl, JR; Walker, BR; Webb, DJ, et al
12-Apr-2011On T2*Magnetic Resonance and Cardiac IronCarpenter, J-P; He, T; Kirk, P; Roughton, M; Anderson, LJ, et al
23-May-2011Thrombosis is reduced by inhibition of COX-1, but unaffected by inhibition of COX-2, in an acute model of platelet activation in the mouseArmstrong, PC; Kirkby, NS; Zain, ZN; Emerson, M; Mitchell, JA, et al