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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2010Trafficking defects and loss of ligand binding are the underlying causes of all reported DDR2 missense mutations found in SMED-SL patientsAli, BR; Xu, H; Akawi, NA; John, A; Karuvantevida, NS, et al
11-Feb-2010Endothelial cell processing and alternatively spliced transcripts of factor VIII: potential implications for coagulation cascades and pulmonary hypertension.Shovlin, CL; Angus, G; Manning, RA; Okoli, GN; Govani, FS, et al
1-Mar-2015Introducing a core curriculum for respiratory sleep practitioners.Mitchell, S; Simonds, A; Andreas, S; Bonsignore, MR; Cooper, B, et al
23-May-2011Thrombosis is reduced by inhibition of COX-1, but unaffected by inhibition of COX-2, in an acute model of platelet activation in the mouseArmstrong, PC; Kirkby, NS; Zain, ZN; Emerson, M; Mitchell, JA, et al
1-Jun-2011SERCA2a Gene Transfer Decreases Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Calcium Leak and Reduces Ventricular Arrhythmias in a Model of Chronic Heart FailureLyon, AR; Bannister, ML; Collins, T; Pearce, E; Sepehripour, AH, et al
1-Mar-2011Clinical and laboratory features distinguishing pandemic H1N1 influenza-related pneumonia from interpandemic community-acquired pneumonia in adultsBewick, T; Myles, P; Greenwood, S; Nguyen-Van-Tam, JS; Brett, SJ, et al
12-Jan-2011Year in review in Intensive Care Medicine 2010: II. Pneumonia and infections, cardiovascular and haemodynamics, organization, education, haematology, nutrition, ethics and miscellaneaAntonelli, M; Azoulay, E; Bonten, M; Chastre, J; Citerio, G, et al
29-Aug-2015The relationship between COPD and lung cancerDurham, AL; Adcock, IM
1-Aug-2017Respiratory symptoms are more common among short sleepers independent of obesityBjornsdottir, E; Janson, C; Lindberg, E; Arnardottir, ES; Benediktsdottir, B, et al
15-Mar-2011Experimental Rhinovirus Infection as a Human Model of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ExacerbationMallia, P; Message, SD; Gielen, V; Contoli, M; Gray, K, et al