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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jan-2019Sex differences in COPD-related quadriceps muscle dysfunction and fibre abnormalitiesSharanya, A; Ciano, M; Withana, S; Polkey, M; Kemp, P, et al
21-Apr-2019Climate change and lung health: presidential failure, professional responsibilityHopkinson, NS; Hart, N; Jenkins, G; Rosenfeld, M; Smyth, AR, et al
12-Jul-2018von Willebrand factor regulation of blood vessel formationRandi, AM; Smith, KE; Castaman, G
4-Jun-2018Oxidized LDL and anti-oxidized LDL antibodies in atherosclerosis - novel insights and future directions in diagnosis and therapyHartley, A; Dorian, H; Khamis, RYJ; National Institute for Health Research; Imperial College Healthcare Charity, et al
-EGF receptor (EGFR) inhibition promotes a slow-twitch oxidative, over a fast-twitch, muscle phenotypeCiano, M; Mantellato, G; Connolly, M; Paul-Clark, M; Mitchell, J, et al
19-Mar-2019His bundle pacing: a new strategy for physiological ventricular activationLewis, AJM; Foley, P; Whinnett, Z; Keene, D; Chandrasekaran, B
-Air pollution, lung function and COPD: results from the population-based UK Biobank studyDoiron, D; De Hoogh, K; Probst-Hensch, N; Fortier, I; Cai, Y, et al
6-Dec-2017The population impact of smoking on chronic airflow obstruction in different global regions: a BOLD Study analysisBurney, P; Patel, J; Minelli, C; Buist, AS; Wellcome Trust
6-Jun-2018Methods of subject-specific heart rate correctionsMalik, M; British Heart Foundation
29-Apr-2019Motion-induced signal loss in In vivo cardiac diffusion-weighted imagingStoeck, CT; Scott, AD; Ferreira, PF; Tunnicliffe, EM; Teh, I, et al