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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jul-2011Effect of deferiprone or deferoxamine on right ventricular function in thalassemia major patients with myocardial iron overloadSmith, GC; Alpendurada, F; Carpenter, JP; Alam, MH; Berdoukas, V, et al
12-Apr-2011On T2*Magnetic Resonance and Cardiac IronCarpenter, J-P; He, T; Kirk, P; Roughton, M; Anderson, LJ, et al
1-Dec-2015Impaired Right, Left, or Biventricular Function and Resting Oxygen Saturation Are Associated With Mortality in Eisenmenger Syndrome: A Clinical and Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Study.Jensen, AS; Broberg, CS; Rydman, R; Diller, GP; Li, W, et al
9-Oct-2013Right atrial area and right ventricular outflow tract akinetic length predict sustained tachyarrhythmia in repaired tetralogy of FallotBonello, B; Kempny, A; Uebing, A; Li, W; Kilner, PJ, et al
14-Jul-2015ZBTB17 (MIZ1) Is Important for the Cardiac Stress Response and a Novel Candidate Gene for Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure.Buyandelger, B; Mansfield, C; Kostin, S; Choi, O; Roberts, AM, et al
8-Jan-2015Prevalence and distribution of iron overload in patients with transfusion-dependent anemias differs across geographic regions: results from the CORDELIA study.Aydinok, Y; Porter, JB; Piga, A; Elalfy, M; El-Beshlawy, A, et al
15-Nov-2016Review of Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 2015Pennell, DJ; Baksi, AJ; Prasad, SK; Mohiaddin, RH; Alpendurada, F, et al
20-Sep-2011Role of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance as a Gatekeeper to Invasive Coronary Angiography in Patients Presenting With Heart Failure of Unknown EtiologyAssomull, RG; Shakespeare, C; Kalra, PR; Lloyd, G; Gulati, A, et al
17-Nov-2009Cardiac T2*Magnetic Resonance for Prediction of Cardiac Complications in Thalassemia MajorKirk, P; Roughton, M; Porter, JB; Walker, JM; Tanner, MA, et al
7-Feb-2019Prediction and prevention of heart failure in high-risk elderly patientsHalliday, BP; Pennell, DJ