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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2018Adolescent and caregivers' experiences of electronic adherence assessment in paediatric problematic severe asthmaStewart, AC; Gannon, KN; Beresford, F; Fleming, L; Asthma UK
13-Sep-2016Raised interferon β, type 3 interferon and interferon stimulated genes - evidence of innate immune activation in neutrophilic asthma.Da Silva, J; Hilzendeger, C; Moermans, C; Schleich, F; Henket, M, et al
15-Nov-2016Calculation of conductive inhomogeneity in children with severe CF lung disease: which method works?Verger, N; Arigliani, M; Raywood, E; Duncan, JA; Bush, A, et al
1-May-2017Addressing unmet needs in understanding asthma mechanismsEdwards, MR; Saglani, S; Schwarze, J; Skevaki, C; Smith, JA, et al
9-May-2018The anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory response of COPD airway smooth muscle cells to hydrogen sulfide.Perry, MM; Tildy, B; Papi, A; Casolari, P; Caramori, G, et al
10-Nov-2016Vitamin D increases the antiviral activity of bronchial epithelial cells in vitroTelcian, AG; Zdrenghea, MT; Edwards, MR; Laza-Stanca, V; Mallia, P, et al
24-Apr-2015Th2 cytokines impair innate immune responses to rhinovirus in respiratory epithelial cellsContoli, M; Ito, K; Padovani, A; Poletti, D; Marku, B, et al
14-Jan-2016The potential for a protective vaccine for rhinovirus infections.Williams, GR; Kubajewska, I; Glanville, NS; Johnston, SL; Mclean, GR, et al
12-Apr-2016ReplyBønnelykke, K; Vissing, NH; Sevelsted, A; Johnston, SL; Bisgaard, H, et al
19-Mar-2019Pathophysiological mechanisms of asthmaBush, A; Asthma UK