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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2017Are Risk Scores Applicable in Tertiary Veno-Venous Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation Centers?Halacli, B; Xu, H; Banya, W; Price, S; Singh, S, et al
11-Nov-2016Nonfasting Compared With Fasting Lipids for Predicting Major Coronary Events in ASCOT-LLAMora, S; Lan, C; Moorthy, CMV; Sever, PS
28-Nov-2016Fast fully automatic segmentation of the severely abnormal human right ventricle from cardiovascular magnetic resonance images using a multi-scale 3D convolutional neural networkGiannakidis, A; Kamnitsas, K; Spadotto, V; Keegan, J; Smith, G, et al
1-Aug-2015Endothelial derivatives of human pluripotent stem cells show antiplatelet effects in 3D culture -steps towards vascular tissue engineeringGara, E; Merkely, B; Skopal, J; Polos, M; Hartyanszky, I, et al
8-Nov-2016Risk of myocardial infarction (MI) associated with acute exacerbations of COPD (AECOPD): effects of exacerbation frequencyRothnie, K; Mullerova, H; Smeeth, L; Pearce, N; Douglas, I, et al
7-May-2016Super-resolved enhancement of a single image and its application in cardiac MRIYang, G; Ye, X; Slabaugh, G; Keegan, J; Mohiaddin, R, et al
29-May-20173D culture conditioning modulates arterial specification of human pluripotent stem cells-derived endothelial cellsFoldes, G; Gara, E; Husveth-Toth, M; Nemes, A; Merkely, B, et al
7-Sep-2014A novel method for rotor tracking using bipolar electrogram phaseRoney, CH; Cantwell, C; Siggers, JH; Ng, FS; Peters, NS
1-Apr-2018Toxicity profiling of cardiac transcription factor-targeted compounds in various cardiac and stem cell types reveals cell type-and compound-dependent toxicityKarhu, ST; Valimaki, M; Jumppanen, M; Pohjolainen, L; Leigh, R, et al
1-Mar-2018Low levels of the A3243G MTDNA mutation in human induced pluripotent stem cellcardiomyocytes do not cause functional or metabolic disturbances but increase with further passagingRicardo, CP; Hellen, N; Foldes, G; Kodagoda, T; Terracciano, CM, et al