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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2016Physical frailty and pulmonary rehabilitation In COPDMan, WD; Maddocks, M; Kon, SS; Canavan, JL; Jones, SE, et al
29-Oct-2018Multiview sequential learning and dilated residual learning for a fully automatic delineation of the left atrium and pulmonary veins from late gadolinium-enhanced cardiac MRI imagesYang, G; Chen, J; Gao, Z; Zhang, H; Ni, H, et al
1-Aug-2016Body mass index in adult congenital heart disease patients: distribution, association with exercise capacity and prognostic implicationBrida, M; Dimopoulos, K; Kempny, A; Liodakis, E; Swan, L, et al
3-Apr-2017DT-CMR IMAGING OF DERANGED MICROSTRUCTURE IN SITUS INVERSUS TOTALISKhalique, Z; Ferreira, PF; Scott, AD; Nielles-Vallespin, S; Firmin, DN, et al
6-Sep-2017Serum chloride and adverse cardiovascular events in the Anglo Scandinavian Cardiac Outcomes Trial (ASCOT)McCallum, L; Welsh, P; Sever, P; Sattar, N; Padmanabhan, S, et al
24-Aug-2016Detection of dynamic change in levels of plasma oxidized low density lipoprotein during coronary artery bypass grafting using a natural monoclonal antibodyKojima, C; Ammari, T; Caga-Anan, M; Nguyen, B; Anderson, JA, et al
8-Nov-2016Global associations between air pollutants and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) exacerbations: a systematic reviewMoore, EA; Chatzidiakou, L; Kuku, M-O; Jones, RL; Smeeth, L, et al
7-Sep-2016Collagen sensing: how do discoidin domain receptors transmit a signal across the membrane?Leitinger, B
16-Mar-2017Long-term outcomes of childhood left ventricular non-compaction: results from a national population-based studyShi, W; Daubeney, P; Nugent, A; Sholler, G; Justo, R, et al
18-May-2018Modulation Of Mechanical Ventilation-Induced Alveolar Epithelial Cell Death Signaling By Underlying Lung InflammationNakamura, H; Wilson, MR; Yao, K; Mumby, S; Adcock, IM, et al