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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2019Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA) Phase 4 (2018): Change management in allergic rhinitis and asthma multimorbidity using mobile technologyBousquet, J; Hellings, PW; Agache, I; Amat, F; Annesi-Maesano, I, et al
19-Mar-2019Lipoprotein(a), PCSK9 inhibition and cardiovascular risk: Insights from the FOURIER trialO'Donoghue, ML; Fazio, S; Giugliano, RP; Stroes, ESG; Kanevsky, E, et al
Jun-2019Contribution of airway eosinophils in airway wall remodeling in asthma: role of MMP-10 and METKuo, C-HS; Pavlidis, S; Zhu, J; Loza, M; Baribaud, F, et al
Jun-2019Multi-ancestry genome-wide association study of lipid levels incorporating gene-alcohol interactionsDe Vries, PS; Brown, MR; Bentley, AR; Sung, YJ; Winkler, TW, et al
Aug-2019Native T1 mapping in the diagnosis of cardiac allograft rejection: a prospective histologically validated studyImran, M; Wang, L; McCrohon, J; Yu, C; Holloway, C, et al
24-Sep-2019Inadequate specialist care referrals for high risk asthma patients in the UK: an adult population-based cohort 2006-2017Bloom, C; Walker, S; Quint, J; Asthma UK
Apr-2019Derivation and validation of a cardiovascular risk score for prediction of major acute cardiovascular events in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; the importance of an elevated mean platelet volumeAbeles, RD; Mullish, BH; Forlano, R; Kimhofer, T; Adler, M, et al
21-Jan-2019The morphologically right and left ventricles cannot be distinguished by their coronary arterial patternHosseinpour, A-R; Juvin-Bouvier, C; Adsuar-Gómez, A; González-Calle, A; Borrego-Domínguez, J-M, et al
Apr-2019Low serum haptoglobin and blood films suggest intravascular haemolysis contributes to severe anaemia in hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasiaThielemans, L; Layton, DM; Shovlin, CL
6-Sep-2019Tai Chi movements for wellbeing - evaluation of a British Lung Foundation pilotLewis, A; Hopkinson, NS; British Lung Foundation